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An Ethisport mission: How does it work?

  • 1. Objectives

    Ethisport and its client X determine the objectives and the scope of the mission.

    For example:

    • What is X’s level of performance regarding sport integrity?
    • Which action plan could X develop to protect sport integrity and control ethics-related risks?
    • How could X develop an integrity network with public and private stakeholders (UNESCO, Council of Europe, IOC, etc.)?
  • 2. Project Team

    X and ETHISPORT determine a project team and the number of interview to conduct

    • Designation of the client project Manager
    • Designation of Ethisport project Manager and Ethisport assistant Expert (at least one native from the country)
    • Determination of the number of interviews to conduct (generally between 10 and 15)
  • 3. Information

    Ethisport prepares an email for the client’s project Manager, in order to inform all the people who will be interviewed in the framework of the mission

  • 4. Preparation

    Before the mission, ETHISPORT sends a small list of questions so that some interviewees can prepare the discussion and possibly the documents

  • 5. Interviews

    The 2 experts spend a few days (generally 2 to 4) at the client’s premises to conduct the interviews.

  • 6. Additional questions

    After the interviews, Ethisport project Manager send additional questions to some of the interviewees (generally less than 5)

  • 7. Reporting

    A few weeks after the mission, Ethisport sends a confidential and detailed report, including recommendations, a benchmarking and an operational action plan.